Fikk sitt for-alltid-hjem i mars 2022.

Athena er ei nydelig ung dame som kom inn etter å ha gått en stund i Grimstad. En drømmekatt i følge fosterhjemmet, som har dette å fortelle om henne:

Athena joined us after sometime lost in the forest outside of UiA. How she became homeless we will never know but what we do know is that she has had a lovely home before. This super model of the cat world (beautiful green eyes and long soft dark fur) has been very loved in her life. She trusts people immediately, loves to cuddle with her family in front of the fire or TV. She is so relaxed that even rubbing her tummy is totally fine by her. She is the perfect mix of cat and dog – comes when she is called, very well trained to scratch only where allowed and even chirps and growls at passerbys to protect her little family. Athena starts out as a ball of love and cuddles but take out a game and she is all in. Running, catching and playing. She is a wonderful cat with a big heart, lots of love to give and sees the best in everyone she meets.

Athena er sterilisert, ID-chippet og vaksinert. Hun bor i fosterhjem i Arendal og er klar for sitt for-alltid-hjem. Send oss en melding på Facebook hvis du vil hilse på.



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