Fikk sitt for-alltid-hjem i august 2021.

Driving along the E18, you would never think that it was a home to a cute loving kitten. But that is where we found Emma.
She may have had a rough start in life but you would never say it when you look at her beautiful multicolour long fur and tiny face. Emma loves everyone from small kids to dogs and most of all cats. She is the first to greet at the door and likes to be the centre of the home. She is happy with some cuddles but most of all enjoys jumping with energy, hunting toys and playing with her cat buddies. She will be the light in any home. Her heart is open, trusting and adventurous and she is looking for a family to explore it all with. 

Emma bor i fosterhjem i Arendal. Hun er vaksinert og klar for adopsjon. Send oss en melding på Facebook eller en e-post hvis du er interessert i Emma og vil hilse på.

Trenger hjem